To Create Environments that Uplift the Human Spirit

Finding your home’s destination is a vital but only small part of what we do at Napanee Design. We have always known the importance of reflecting the times we live in or in other words, designing homes for current lifestyles. Moreover, we consistently aspire to reflect our clients own esthetic and creativity by facilitating that expression within their living spaces with finishes, fixtures, furnishings and art. As we work towards the completion of their home with a combination of principals in design we allow our projects to remain anonymous of “designer” footprints. If anyone asks who your designer was, I feel we have not done our best work. It should always look as though a home has naturally evolved over time with the effortless, exceptional good taste of it’s inhabitants – a timeless and beautiful expression of themselves.



A client told me early in my career that what he appreciated was that we were “lifestyle” coaches even more than the individual components of the design or decor. He said he hadn’t known that a crystal carafe of water beside his bed or mounds of white terrycloth in his ensuite could improve his well being on a daily basis.



Audacity and restraint

Another satisfied client stated that she felt when all was said and done that she had a sense of peace and emotional safety in the beauty of her new surroundings. The combination of audacity and restraint is every artist’s goal and achieving it on a canvas or in an interior living space is how we measure our success.


Image making

I began my career with business goals, slightly embarrassed at the shallowness of “image making”. It didn’t take long to realize that there is nothing shallow about surrounding a person or family with function, balance, form, self expression and beauty. All these are lifeblood for the soul and aid in the up lifting of human spirit.

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