Re-envisioning your interior design using what you have

THE most cost effective way to design any space is by “re-visioning” what you have in your current inventory. I have been into homes filled with antique treasures, beautiful furniture and expensive art. I have found this doesn’t necessarily translate into a successful response from it’s inhabitants or the general population. The elements were all there but the homes still felt awkward and uninspiring but most often just cold and inhuman. I’ve also been in homes that had limited furnishing budgets, no original art and certainly not an antique in site. With the art of re-visioning, it’s possible to turn both these scenarios into living spaces that make the inhabitants excited to be going home and relieved to walk through the door every single time.


This fireplace was the focal point of the living room


Who knew there was a beautiful fireplace hiding under all this brass and pine. We removed the antique pine surround and painted out the brass. Now the beautiful carpet looks more comfortable in it’s surroundings.











Some of the most common mistakes I see made in the endeavor of good design are: placing art too high, overlooking the need for an intimate conversation circle, no focal point or too many, lighting fixtures disconnected to the furnishings and function, lack of editing the smalls, no sign of individual style and either too much or not enough texture combinations. Every living space should bring up comfort, safety and beauty. Ask yourself in each room if these primary elements exist there. If not, see if any of the above mistakes might be holding the harmony and balance back from your home. Then do a midnight furniture move or a weekend blitz. You’ll know when it’s right. Then, if you still are missing comfort, safety and beauty … at least you’ve cut your budget to a manageable assignment.

Have fun and don’t settle for less than loving your home. It is so achievable.

Nina Hamilton